Bastard Metals

What I do, I'm a machinist who who also likes old VW Bugs, I can cast parts, ornamental flowers, one of a kind knives, plus a lot more

     Why Bastard Metals, it just sounded good at the time !

I'm making a few changes, it might take me a while, I've been kind a slow & getting slower, but I do try to stay busy.

I'm trying to get my workshop straightened up, it took a few years to accumulate all the junk I have, I ask myself why I even let most of it inside, but I can't answer that, it just got away from me, So now it's time to clean it up & put my machines & equipment to work, make some metal chips, beat some red hot metal into something useful, & pour some liquid metal into useful objects.


I have my VolksRod purty much where it's gonna stay. BTW I gave it a permanent name, or until I think f something better, I just cal it the "evill Bug" with 2 L's, now I need to start making some parts to make it look a bit evill. I still have a bunch of custom parts I plan to make for it, but I doubt I'll get around to chopping the top on it, suicide doors aren't out of the question just yet, I may get to that, it might make getting in & out of it much easier these days, my legs don't wanna bend like they did a few years ago, oh the fun of growing old.

The "BitchN Bug" haven't touched it since I got the VolksRod, I hope once I get the inside of the workshop straightened up to get it back inside & finish it up. it doesn't need much to finish, I just need to finish the fire wall, get the exhaust made, doesn't sound like much.


I have been spending a bit of time in the machine shop getting things in order, I'll try to update that page so you can see what all I've been up to there.


I have done a few small aluminum castings, nothing fancy, I hope to have everything ready to go there sometime soon.


Then there is the forge, still haven't gotten my oil burner working, I guess I'd need to spend some time actually working on it in order to get it working, something I hope to do soon, been talking (to myself) about it for 6 or 7 years now.