Bastard Metals

What I do, I'm a machinist who who also likes old VW Bugs, I can cast parts, ornamental flowers, one of a kind knives, plus a lot more



This is just a place where I shall try to put my projects in order, I have many going at the same time, I will try to group the pictures from begining to end as best I can. This will also be done in my spare time or rainy days when I dont care to go out.

  Another thing about this page, if it starts to get to big I will just make a new page for each project so it isn't so confusing.

              I will start with my Dividing Head/Rotary Table



I need a Dividing Head so I can make 3 gears for my Leblond lathe, it is only missing 3 of them, and I need one of them to chase a thread, so I decided to make a dividing head because I'm sure I will find other things to use it for.

So for the dividing head i decided to use a gear box with a ratio of 60/1, I would need it to bolt down to the table in both horizontal and vertical positions, so i made a bracket pattern to be cast in aluminum, here are a few pictures of the gear box resting on the wooden pattern before casting.                             





  Here are a few pictures of the cast bracket, the 1st two are after shake out with the gates, runners, risers and the sprue still attached to them, the 2nd two pictures are after I sawed all the gates and runners ans stuff off so I could machine the part.





    The next 3 pictures are machining the bracket so it will be square to the spindle when bolted to the table of a machine. Thats where I'm at with this piece now, I still need to drill a few mounting holes and get the right screws to mount the bear box to the bracket, then I will need to start making more patterns so I can cast all the parts needed to finish this project up. 




       That's all for now, so as soon as I get more patterns and castings finished I will update this page.




Waste Oil Burner

 So I decided to build me a waste oil burner for my Forge and Foundry Furnaces because propane is getting rather expensive and I use to much when forge welding my billets for knives. I just took a few pieces of pipe and drilled a hole in it to run a propane line for preheating, then a oil line goes thru the inside of the burner pipe, at the outside end I have a needle valve that I use to adjust the oil, that goes thru some tubing to an old propane tank I made into an oil holding tank, I add about 15 psi or air pressure to the tank and it pushes the oil into the burner just right so it burns with oil only once it gets nice and hot.


I have only used the burner in my Forge so far mainly because I use my Forge much more than I do my Foundry, plus it is easier to setup and run in the Forge as well. I have a few video's I plan to put on here of the oil burner working, I hope to get to it sometime soon as I still need to get the video off of my camera. I do have a few pictures of it while running on only oil.








I got my hands on a home heating oil burner that worked when taken out, I have had it in my garage for 2 years

I also have about 200 gallons of clean home heating oil that was used to power the oil burner I have

I hope to also burn waste motor oil thinned with the oil I have

I need to adapt the burner to my existing small forge, of finish building a larger forge

It will be used to forge weld stacks of metal into pattern welded billets for other projects

No pictures yet, still need to organize the garage/shop so everything is usable again



 Stay tuned